Music Mix: Slow Down Justin Timberlake!


Music Mix: Slow Down Justin Timberlake!

Posted OnJune 1, 2009 0

Justin Timberlake’s “(Another Song) All Over Again” slowed down to a tempo of about 45 bpm and in a different key. Mixed with Sarah McLachlan’s ” Fear (Hybrid’s Super Collider Mix)” and also includes Justin Timberlake’s “Losing My Way”.

Spun using 2 direct drive Stanton Str8 30’s, Behringer DJx700 mixer plus Ableton Live on MacBook Pro.

Here is the ORIGINAL version:


Justin Timberlake – Another Song (All Over Again)

I thought it was cool to hear how great the track sounded slowed down so much – it reminded me more of classic R&B.